Plaza Blanca

The White Place, Plaza Blanca – One mile north of Abiquiu, take a right at County Road 155, and follow the unpaved road for several miles along the Chama river to the Dar-Al-Islam Mosque entrance, on your left. Drive through the overhead gate, follow the road and park at the end circle. Look forward and you simply can’t miss the white cliffs directly ahead of you. Walk down the hiking trail and you are in Plaza Blanca, The White Place. O’Keeffe could see this marvelous canyon from her bedroom and studio windows in Abiquiu, and camped there often, creating iconic images of the stark walls against beautiful blue skies. She loved to hike too. The area is owned by Dar-Al-Islam. No fees or check-ins are necessary, but please be respectful of the fragile environment. Do not take any items from the terrain – except photographs and memories – and leave nothing behind but footprints.

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