O’Keeffe Country – Four Seasons Maui – Art

We love Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers and landscapes, and Hawaii provided endless inspiration for her during her trip to the islands in 1939. (Read more here.) We recently traveled there ourselves, to follow in her footsteps, and have posted several of her paintings and our corresponding current photographs on this blog – just click on the tag “Maui.”

Once you visit Maui, it leaves little to the imagination why it brings out the best in artists. It is beautiful, serene, and visually stunning, everywhere you look. If you’ve never been, we encourage you to visit for yourself. And if you have been, isn’t it time you went back?

We stayed at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea. What was so great, in connection to O’Keeffe, were the endless flowers on the property, and their wonderfully curated, international art collection (also featuring prominent Hawaiian artists). Take the iPod audio tour and stroll through the grounds at your leisure. Look around, it is worth every step.

Now the art! A feast for the eyes and intellect!

Jason Teraoka, A Silken Thread.

Anonymous, Metal Disks.

Anonymous, King Kamehameha.

Don Ed Hardy, Wave Warrior.

Mary Mitsuda, Studio.

Edward Brownlee, Sky Boat.

Joyce Kozloff, Voyages, Maui Map IV.

Jun Kaneko, Untitled “Colossal Heads”

Richard Stiers, Soaring.

Soaring indeed! Thank you Maui and thank you Four Seasons Maui at Wailea. We traveled with all six senses! www.okeeffecountry.com

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