“Well! Well! Well!…This is wonderful. No one told me it was like this!”
– Georgia O’Keeffe upon arriving in New Mexico

The region in New Mexico known as O’Keeffe Country encompasses Santa Fe, north to Abiquiu, through Ghost Ranch and up to Taos. Georgia O’Keeffe held residence in all of these places at one time during her life, documenting most in her unmistakable, artistic style through drawings, pastels, paintings and photographs.

She is arguably the most famous person to fall in love with this terrain, but she isn’t the only one to claim this place as “home”. I think everyone who visits has dreams of some type of spiritual ownership. This is simply the magic of the land.

There are so many amazing people, places and things to discover in Northern New Mexico. This is my guide to a few of my favorites.

Under LIVE you will find things to do and learn, and places to stay and eat. Under LOVE you will find things to buy and collect, and places to linger and explore. Under LOOK, you will find our blog, links, events, and resources to help plan your next adventure to O’Keeffe Country.

This site is a photoblog to accompany the stories and recommendations you can find here:

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